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How can I purchase a piece of art? You can order directly from me via e-mail:
Are you willing to do commissioned paintings? Yes! You tell me the size, color, text, images and I’ll create a custom piece for you. 
How much do your paintings cost? See the “Custom Paintings” Page or contact me directly via e-mail. 
You use a lot of words in your paintings - where do they come from? Most often I use Scripture from the Bible, excerpts from my own journals, and lines I hear while listening to life around me. I have also used names, important dates (like weddings or birth dates), song lyrics and other random phrases. 
What other sort of projects do you do? I am willing to try almost anything, but some of my past projects include tattoo design, murals, wedding signs, banners for businesses and churches, small business sandwich boards, cartoons, home and nursery art, greeting cards, business logos, large scale wall canvases and large scale paintings on fence slats, collage, art journals, font for party invitations, and personalized wedding paintings. 
Can I re-post pictures of your paintings on my blog? Yes, of course! As with any artwork, I’d just ask that you link back to the original post. Feel free to post about any of my work, just make sure to link back here. 
Do you have questions that have not been answered here? Please leave a comment on the blog or e-mail me any questions and I will be sure to answer them! Thanks for stopping by. 

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