Custom Paintings

I would love to create a piece of artwork for you. You tell me the size, colors, text, image and general concept you are hoping for and I work with you along the way to come up with something you are happy with. While there is no guarantee that it will be exactly what you picture in your head, I really do try to create a piece you will love and be pleased that you invested in!

8x10  - $30.00
10x10 - $35.00
9x12  - $40.00
11x14 - $60.00
12x12 - $50.00
16x16 - $90.00
16x20 - $100.00
20x20 - $140.00
18x24 - $150.00
24x24 - $200.00
24x28 - $230.00
24x36 - $300.00
24x48 - $400.00
36x48 - $600.00

To order a custom painting, please send any details, helpful information and example photos via email:

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