About Britt

I’ve been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and I started this blog in 2008 just as a place to document my most recent projects. I never really intended for “Art By Britt” to be a business, but that’s sorta what it’s turned into, in a good way. It ebbs and flows for sure, but I’m glad I still have a little bit of room in my life to create. I am first and foremost a wife of 3 years to Daniel and a mommy of 15 months to my sweet baby girl, Ellison. If this blog is ever silent or lacking of content it is because I’m busy living life with them and keeping that my priority. In my daily life I am a wife, mother and artist... in that order.
I love coffee, organization, Jesus, home decorating, old books, laughing with my girlfriends, and Seattle... not necessarily in that order. I’m learning a ton about what it means to be a daughter of the king, a good wife and mommy, a good friend, and a good artist, and I might just share some of that with you sometimes too. 

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organizercarol@gmail.com said...

You are so gifted and talented. I love that I have a few pieces from you now, and cant wait to get my next one for the grandkid room. I love the one with the gold pic of Jesus so much. I will forever have it as a reminder of my mom. Thank you for making the changes to make it perfect and a piece to pass on the legacy my mom left!


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