Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keeping it real.

I've got some changes coming around here. I've been feeling so overwhelmingly blessed lately at my job of being wife and mom, and I really want to make some healthy changes. I'm closing down my etsy shop for now, taking a limited amount of custom orders, and just letting go. I need to focus on my sweet family, self-care, and painting because I'm inspired. Of course I'll still share whatever paintings I'm working on, but I won't be grasping for more blog content or things to keep you all entertained (just keeping it real here, folks). See you next time.
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Lindsey said...

Good for you, britt! Enjoy your sweet family and painting just to paint! I am loving my new fall set of cards, by the way. :) Soak in the memories while Miss Ellie is in this adorablely cute stage! I will still root you on from these sidelines, when you come back. Ha ha. You ingrams sure have beautiful gifts and talents! Love you guys!

Britt@artbybritt said...

Haha - thanks so much! I will be in and out for sure but I appreciate your support from the sidelines. :) xoxo.


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