Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday Live Painting

Last night at Catalyst was awesome! I might just be getting used to this "live painting" deal. My plan was very similar to the last time  - I took two large canvases so that I could trade back and forth while the paint dried. This service was only about an hour and a half so I needed to work a little quicker than the last time I attempted live painting. I had a very rough plan in my head but once the service started it became more concrete (and thankfully the service had a very inspiring vibe).

Roughly laid background color...

On this piece I painted random song lyrics 
from the worship sets as well as a few lines
 that really stuck out from the sermon...

Starting the second canvas...

"Oh praise the One who paid my debt 
and raised this life up from the dead..."

"Love so amazing, so divine 
demands my soul, my life my all..."

The service included 2 music sets, a sermon, a reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible and a time of communion. I can't say that I was able to concentrate on all of that AND paint at the same time, but the parts I did catch were amazing and I really enjoyed the entire experience. There is something to be said for inspiration and letting the spirit move when you don't have an exact plan. 

And of course, it's always good for me to remember what Good Friday is all about - the gift of God's forgiveness that I so often take for granted. 

(Thanks, Catalyst, for letting me be a part of your service!)

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Brittany said...

I love the crosses!!


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