Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Mini Painting Journal from Molly at Specs&Wings

Molly from Specs&Wings is bringing you a super fun DIY today! Molly and I became blog and art friends through an online art show and now her blog is one of my daily reads. I love her original paintings, and her adorable flower headbands. She has some really exciting things happening now, so be sure to check out her blog and her etsy shop for new updates too! Oh, AND today is her BIRTHDAY! Make sure to give her some love!


Hi, I’m Molly Swanson from Specs & Wings!  I’m so excited that Brittany asked me to guest blog today! I am constantly inspired by her paintings and I love her new beautiful note cards! I figured you all must be fans of her paintings as well, and you might be wondering where to start to do your own paintings?

My suggestion is to create your very own Mini Painting Journal! This is journal is just for you (so don’t worry about messing up or creating something for everyone to see). You can carry it with you to jot down inspirational song lyrics or test out a new painting technique! When you fill up your Mini Painting Journal, you’ll have enough ideas to start painting on the canvas without fear or “artist block”!

!. Start by cutting out long tall sheets of watercolor paper and one piece of scrapbook paper. (If you want to measure ahead of time, decide how big you’d like each page to be and double it.)

2. Fold each sheet of paper right in the middle. (If you don’t have a bone folder to crease your edge, you can use the handle of your scissors, just be careful!)

3. Stack all of your folded sheets with the scrapbook paper on top.

4. Lay a piece of string in the center fold of all of the pages and tie a knot or bow on the outer spine.

Good job! That’s pretty cute! Wasn’t it easy? You’ll be making them for everyone you know in no time.

5. Get inspired! Take your journal with you everywhere and write/draw/paint/glue anything that inspires you. It might be words in a song, the shape of your coffee spill, or a vintage doily on your desk!

6. Try things that challenge you, things you wouldn’t start on a canvas. Use it to test out your ideas … go for it!!!

I hope this DIY has inspired you create something, even something small….and them dream big about what you can paint!!! I know you can do it! 

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I’d love to have you! Happy Painting!


Thanks again, Molly! Have a happy, happy birthday!

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