Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lots of celebrating.

Whoops. There I go again forgetting to blog here. Things have been just a bit busy around though. Daniel was out of state last week so I was full time single mom for a bit - we had some fun girl time, lots of down time, and spent quite a few meals with my mom and sister. 

Daniel got back Sunday and we were SO glad to have him back. 8 days without your husband and Daddy is way too long! We've been having lots of family time since he returned. Monday was our 3rd anniversary so we got to celebrate with a fun date night out!

And, today is Ellie's 1st birthday!

I can't even tell you how fast that year was! Gosh, she is SUCH a joy and I'm so happy to celebrate her today! We are having a simple dinner with just family (JUST family is 25 people. HA!). Hope you all are doing well. 

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