Friday, January 28, 2011

Owl Always Love You...

Welp, here they are. Finally some art work on this art blog! It's been too long. I'm pretty excited about these little owls - I still have to get them hung up with a few other things in Ellie's room, but then I'll for sure show you the final final product.

Coming soon: commissioned work including more nursery art (with lions!), 3 paneled verses, and super late wedding presents...

Happy Weekend, friends. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

in the details...

Like I've said before, Ellie's room has a slight owl theme. We didn't do it on purpose, and you wouldn't really notice it unless you are a detail kind of person. You don't walk in a hear "OWL THEME!" screaming at you, if you know what I mean (although some themed stuff really is adorable).

I couldn't resist this cute owl at Pier 1 and my sis got us a cute owl blanket/burp rag/jammie set (that's the blanket you see rolled up in the crib). My sweet husband is the one who pointed out that her bedding has leaves on it... just like trees, which owls live in. See? Owl theme on accident!

I found this cute little bird cage in the Micheal's dollar bin and put in it some little booties that were passed down from Ellie's grandma.

I won this gingiber print at Smile and Wave a few months back and was SO excited when I received it in the mail because the little animal number cards pictured above were included as an extra (I'm still trying to figure out what to do with them, obvi). 

Miss Ellie even has a little owl onesie that my college roommate handmade for her! She wanted to model is for you. 

And since I'm so terrible at blogging these days, this post will come in 2 parts to be exciting... Tomorrow I'll show you the little owl paintings I finally finished for her room!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I know owls are totally "in" right now, but before I realized how trendy they are, we already had a slight owl theme in Ellie's room. I'll share picture of that soon, but in the meantime I'm brainstorming for a couple little paintings I want to do for the room... 

I only had about a half hour to draw while she napped, but it was sure a fun half hour! Hopefully I will have something more finished to show you soon! Happy Tuesday. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's a Brand New Year

Ok, folks. Time to get serious. It's a new year and Art By Britt is going to look much different this year than it did last year, but I need to get my buns in gear! If you've e-mailed me in the last 3 months recently, I just got back to you this morning (check your inbox)! 

I'm ready to start painting again... and while it will without a  doubt take me much longer than it used to because of my job as mommy to my little ladybug, I'm excited to work on my commissioned projects list as well as a few other things that are floating around in my head. 

And because blog posts are so much better with pictures, here are a few recent favs...

Again (and again), thank you so much for your patience and support as I figure out my new normal. We're really feeling much more settled as parents and as California residents, so I think it will be much easier to get into an art routine once again. A different art routine, but an art routine none the less. Keep your eyes peeled for new project photos coming soon!


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