Monday, November 15, 2010

A whole new world...

In a dream world I would be so organized with my time that I'd have several new paintings done, photos taken, blog posts posted, an Etsy shop set up, items ready to be sold, packaged and shipped, and I'd consider myself a successful artist, "small business owner," blogger and Etsy extraordinaire. 

Alas, I didn't even do that before I had a child and now my reality is SO different. I think about projects and paintings a little bit, but my world is this baby right now. She is wonderful! Being a new parent is crazy and wonderful and difficult all in one. Art and blogging and business feels so much less important when I have this sweet little person in my arms. I know I will continue painting and posting and might even eventually, seriously, finally open an online store, but for now... please be patient with me while I adjust to a new reality and the order of importance in my life changes dramatically. 

I'm totally still open to commissioned paintings, the timeline just might look different from here on out. Thanks for your patience and support in this time!

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