Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heat and wine labels.

It has been suuuuper hot here, so I was at my parent's house almost all day yesterday taking advantage of the AC and their amazing pool! I spent some time in my old room working on drawings and sketches for a couple of projects I mentioned... I'm excited to do something totally new and different! I haven't done anything like this before so we'll see how it goes. These are just some very rough ink ideas of some ideas for a wine bottle label. I'll show you some more detailed color ideas soon.

It's a little bit cooler today, but I'll probably still take advantage of the pool (it's really too wonderful to pass up... I told my mom I felt kinda grumpy yesterday and didn't know why and she said, "Yeah, I feel grumpy too and I'm not 8 and 1/2 months pregnant in this heat!" I guess I kinda forget sometimes how much my body is going through... until it's almost 100 degrees and all that helps is floating like a big whale in the water! HA!). 

Hope you guys are having a good week. 

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