Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3rd Art for Sale Installment - Trees.

The trees are finally here - sorry it's taken me a bit to get them posted. This week has gotten so crazy! How are we going to get everything done? Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the scripture pieces (originally done for Mars Hill Church but have been on display at May Valley Alliance) tomorrow or Thursday. E-mail me at mrs.brittanyingram@gmail.com to purchase any piece from the last 3 posts, and we'll work out a pick up time before we move. Thanks again for the support! I really appreciate the nice responses to the sale. 

Waste. 2008. 
24x24. Acrylic on canvas.

[Do not waste any of this. 
It's too precious]

Sense. 2009.
18x24. Acrylic on canvas.

[This will never make sense until the very end.]

Bind Up. 2009.
18x24. Acrylic on canvas.

[He came to bind up the broken hearted.]

Look. 2008.
24x24. Acrylic on canvas.

[Look at what God has done for you.]

Radiant. 2010. 
20x20. Acrylic on canvas.

[Those who look to Him are radiant. 
Their faces will never be ashamed.]

Question. 2007. 
22x28. Acrylic on canvas.

[One question: Where does love fit?]

Weighing Condemnation. 2009. 
20x30. Acrylic on canvas. 

[Hmm. Well, yeah. 
I guess that condemnation does still weigh on me.]

I want. 2006.
24x36. Acrylic on canvas.

[I just want to make the mundane things beautiful.]

Psalm 49:7. 2006.
[2] 12x24 panels. Acrylic on canvas.

[No man can redeem the life of another.]

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