Thursday, April 22, 2010

Piling Up...

Well, the projects seem to be piling up. Here are a few things I have in the works:

1. 3 or so wedding paintings (song lyrics, vows, verses, the usual mix).

2. Tattoo art! A friend is turning 30 and is kinda freaking out about it, so her plan is to get a tattoo to keep her young. So fun. 

3. I guess I forgot to tell you, but I did some cartoons for my church's Easter Sunday services. They kept the services family style so the kids could be a part of everything, but they wanted the kids to have something to do. Apparently, they were such a hit, that they want me to do something similar for next year! It's all in the early stages, but I'm excited to work on that too.

4. A couple of show opportunities seem to be popping up!! Yes. I will keep you posted. 

5. Oh, and a couple of birthday/other important event commissions.

See? Piling up. Thanks again for continuing to check back, despite the lack of posts. My energy is returning, little by little, and at very random times. Hopefully I'll have some more exciting things to share soon.

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