Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pop-Up Cards and Good Company

Today I had the pleasure of my husband's company at the Recovery Cafe! Ever since I started volunteering there, we've talked about him going with me to see what it's all about, but it just hadn't happened. Since he's his own boss, he decided at the last minute to join me today! It was fun to show him the amazing new space, our classroom, and to introduce him to the folks I hang out with each Thursday afternoon. Wendy had planned to make pop-up cards for Valentine's Day, but we were both sick - therefore, we moved that lesson until today! Even Daniel made one... he calls it his "contemporary art piece." He really is a creative guy, and even though he was being a little silly, I think he had a good time. What a good sport!

I did a couple as well. One just because...

And one for an upcoming birthday...

Our home remodel is almost finished, so we're "moving" in the next few days. I might be a bit MIA until we're re-settled, but I'll keep you posted if anything exciting comes up! 

Thanks again for following me, commenting, and supporting me through this little blog. It seems really silly, but I feel like this blog, and YOU, help me stay somewhat motivated to be creative. So, thanks!


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