Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You are mine.

In response to my feelings about Haiti, I've been doing a lot of coloring... I think it's more about the words than it is about the markers, but it's still been a good process for me. I have quite a few to share this week, and next week I'll have an "auction" for some of them in support of Haiti relief efforts. 

If you haven't yet, you should watch the sermon we heard on Sunday from our pastor about Haiti. It's very eye-opening and makes me feel like I should DO something, but what is there to do besides pray and send money? Am I the only one who feels helpless? How are each of you dealing with all the tragedies in the world (as we enjoy our beds and water and food...)?


Heather said...

This is so beautiful! You have no idea how much you inspire me!

Britt@artbybritt said...

Thanks, Heather! That really means a lot.


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