Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank You Cards

Today has been a busy one! I hung an art show at a friend's work, worked on my ATCs, went to Recovery Cafe, and now I'm getting ready for my little trip to California! 

I have many many pics to share, but for now I'll show you what we did in Art Journaling today. Wendy, my teaching partner, was out sick - and she's the one who had the lesson plan for this week! Our faithful volunteer coordinator, Liz, came to my rescue with the idea to decorate Thank You cards for the cafe. The staff has so many thank yous to write to folks who support the cafe, and how cool is that to have the members decorate them? ALSO, we were in the new space, which is beautiful!! We have our very own classroom... so wonderful. So without further adieu, the new Recovery Cafe, our classroom and our thank you cards: 

P.S. If you are reading this blog, please follow so I know who you are! I know there are more than the faithful 25, because I know where they all live... and it's sure not where all those little red dots are!

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