Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interactive Thursday!

Hi bloggy friends,

I keep talking about my Christmas gift that Daniel got me... TA-DA!

A brand new easel!

What a sweet man he is, huh? He put it together for me last night, so I set it up today and painted for a few hours! I usually paint on the floor because my old easel is a flimsy metal one that just doesn't work. I'm so excited to have a new one! Love it. 

Time to interact... I need help again! I'm reading all over my favorite blogs about how this is the time of year that everyone gets down in the dumps. Holidays are over, but summer is still months away... I know I am sure feeling that - aren't you? I've been really grouchy and lazy and just plain ol' tired, and haven't been able to figure out why. As of today, I'm blaming it on the winter season! I feel totally uninspired and just want to shake it off. The new easel was a great start, but I still need more...

So, with that, I need your help: What do you like about my work? What would you like to see more of? What should I do less of (it's ok, be honest!)? What things inspire you? Music? Words? People? I'd love some new ideas!! Sometimes I focus too much on the blogging and selling aspects of art, when really, I need to focus on the ART part of my art... I need to get back to what I love about it, and that means I need some inspiration.

Seriously, people, interact! Let's hear it!


Raoul said...

Britt, Your art is all about the words! I think at times it can feel overwhelming because so much of your art is based on words; but just imagine if the words were removed. The spirit of Britt the artist would be removed with them. I think that you should keep reinventing ways to keep your art fresh, but never lose the words!

With that, I should say that I really liked your series you did with everyday furniture (lamp, jewelry box, coffee mug, etc).

Finally, it would be fun to collaborate again with poetry and painting. I would be up for working on a series if you had an idea. LMK what you think!

Chloe said...

I love your any of your work with trees - it's so amazing how you incorporate the words into the trees. I also like your stuff inspired by hymns etc. You are so talented! :)


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