Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rambles and Reminders.

Whoa. I was NOT expecting such a great reaction about the giveaway! Honestly, I almost erased that post after I posted it because I thought, "How embarrassing will it be if nobody likes my work comments?" I guess I don't have to worry about that. So, I'll have to plan on more giveaways in the future. Yeay - I am just so glad you all are excited about it! Also, since I am technologically lame, I will most likely be putting your names in an actual hat, and drawing one out old school style. Thanks for the suggestions!

In the meantime, if you are in southern California, don't forget about the Uganda Boutique happening this Friday! Check out the facebook link to see the cool things they will have (plus prices there too!). And, if you are not in So Cal but see something there that you like, they would be willing to work with you! I've totally already ordered something, and have a few more purchases in mind... All the proceeds go towards their trip to Uganda next year, so it's for a great cause!

I sent the ladies a package with my contributions on Monday, so hopefully they will recieve it today sometime. I sent these 2 paintings and a printed "gift certificate" for their silent auction. The certificate is for a custom painting. I think the way silent auctions work is that people bid on the item by writing down their name and price they want to pay, and then the item goes to the highest bidder after a certain amount of time... right? So each item can be sold for just one dollar, or a lot of dollars! Not sure if that's how this will work, but I just know I will be working on a custom piece sometime soon - sweet!

We decorated our Christmas tree last night and I am ready to go on the rest of the house! My favorite part of the house in December is our mantle... I get so excited about greenery and lights and candles...sigh. I hope I can get going on it today, because we leave for California in a little over two weeks and I really want to enjoy my home all decorated! Love this season! I also have a few Christmas-y and winter-y paintings in mind to work on... and new pages for my art journal, which I kinda of forgot about with last week's break. Whoops. 


Kristen Plum said...

you are AWESOME!!!! Thank you!

Just a thought... said...

Thank so much...I can't wait until we get to see the pieces you sent in person!!!

Lindsey said...

It's great that you are donating to that cause! So fun! You got how a silent auction works right. :) And, I got really excited to see the painting you painted for me on the poster! yay! I love that painting...(have I told you that lately? ha ha)


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