Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Heart Responds

Back in October I gave you all a peek at this piece, but couldn't show you because some of you know the person who received it! I didn't want the birthday surprise to be ruined. As I've mentioned before, whenever I am at my parent's house in California, my mom commissions me to do all kinds of art projects for her... This was one of those.

A few months ago my parents made the difficult decision to leave their church of 15 years, and they began to visit another nearby. It seems like a great fit and is just what they need right now. Well, my mom is a wonderful, crazy women who wants to know about people's lives as soon as she meets them, and one of the questions she always asks is "When is your birthday?" We used to joke that she even knows people's dogs birthdays. She writes the dates down, but that doesn't even matter. You could ask her about any specific family and she'll list off each person and birthday date without looking at the calendar. I KNOW. WONDERFUL AND CRAZY. 

All that to say, she learned the birthday of the Pastor at their new church, which is sometime this month, had me paint this verse (his fav, Psalm 27:8) and she saved it until now! I actually almost forgot to post it, but the pastor's wife commented another post yesterday, and it reminded me (Hi, Denise! I'll meet you soon. :)). 

I can't seem to remember now which version is his favorite, but it's the biggest brown text. Then I took a couple other versions and the verse and wove them throughout. I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out, and it sounds like he likes it too! I'm so glad.

How are you all today? Hope you are enjoying this season!


Bob DuPar said...

I am the pastor! Thank you so much! Your dad gave me the link to your site. Your work is beautiful and I could not be more happy. Thank you for capturing one of my favorite life verses in such an amazing way! This will be a wonderful addition to my office; and a happy reminder of God's blessings (which include you and your family!) Thank you again! Bob

Denise DuPar said...

Looking forward to meeting you!

Britt@artbybritt said...

So glad you both love it - looking forward to meeting you both as well.


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