Thursday, December 3, 2009

It just matters.

We didn't have the art journaling class at Recovery Cafe last week because of Thanksgiving, but we started up again today. I hadn't worked on any pages because it just wasn't on the brain, but once I was there I was reminded how great that place is. The folks that join us for the class join us because they really, actually want to be there. They join us because they know we will be there each week. They can count on us, and they like us. The themes scare them a little, but they are so excited about creating something - anything. 

And other folks walk by every week with those curious eyes and shy smiles... we know they want to join us, but if we ask they say, "Maybe next week." We know, and they know, full well that they won't join us, but also that we will invite them again next week and each week after that, and they can count on that. My hope is that they will join us sometime, and then maybe they will realize that art really isn't that intimidating... and that the space we have there for (and with!) them really is safe. I didn't make anything epic today - I only colored lines with markers - but I was reminded of why we need art, and why we need a safe place, and why it feels so epic to create something so simple when we have that safe space to create. 

It doesn't matter what we create, it just matters that we DO create. 

P.S. Last chance to comment for the giveaway! I'll announce a winner tomorrow morning. 


Just a thought... said...

And one of them sometime will venture in just because someone kept asking and who knows how that just might be another step in blessing everyone! Keep up the perspective, I love it that you see a people opportunity not just an activity.

Molly Swanson said...

Britt...I love this post...It's beautifully brilliant :) We all need a saft place! I love your colors too :)


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