Friday, December 4, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

I must say, I am so excited about doing this giveaway - there will definitely be more in the future! I looked into signing up for online programs to draw names, but in the end I was so excited about putting names in a hat and drawing one out, that I just had to do it that way. I used this awesome hat that my husband owns: 

Oh yeah, pretty sweet huh? We're hat people. 

Since Daniel is 5'10 and I am only 5' he held the hat waaaay up high for me (so sweet), and I drew the name. 

And the winner is...

Drumroll please... 
(that saying is so much more epic out loud than in my head)

Cora Ingram said...

OOOOOH PICK ME! I've wanted to own a piece of your art for so looong! Plus- then I'd have an excuse to see you since its been what? almost 4 years?

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