Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Your Style?

someone I know who's blog I secretly read friend posted this style quiz on her blog and I thought it sounded fun! I want to hear what yours are - it's like 3 minutes, so don't worry - it won't take too much time.

Take the HG StyleScope then enter to win a $5,000 Shopping Spree at HomeGoods or the daily Gift Card.

My style:


Your home expresses your open, easygoing approach to life. You love unique finds, and can turn a few mismatched garden chairs or floral teacups into a charming arrangement. You appreciate a pretty mix of relaxed pieces, like painted wood or weathered furniture, lovely florals and other patterns, lots of throws and pillows, mementos and bunches of fresh flowers that give your home a unique sense of breeziness and charm.

You value comfort. Your home is a warm and open friendly place, and you feel happiest when everyone is cared for and relaxed in your space. Elements like pillows, throws, overstuffed furniture, and good lighting set the mood. You may also enjoy layering different fabrics or mixing patterns to create a cozy effect.


Ashten said...

I totally got the same answer! I suppose I secretly read the same blog....hahaha

Britt@artbybritt said...

Sweet! Country Cas buds!

Nicole Wenger said...

I guess im earthy casual, whatever the heck that means!


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