Friday, November 27, 2009

Vintage Fabs

I hope you all had a fabulous turkey day yesterday. We had a great, low-key day with LOTS of yummy food (we're going to be eating leftovers for weeks), funny movies and lounging on the couch. 

Ok, so remember how I keep talking about vintage fabric and then keep forgetting to show you?? Well, the pics are finally here...

Here is the story: A couple months ago my grandma was cleaning out a bunch of stuff that belonged to my great-grandma, who used to collect dolls and hand sew dresses for them. Needless to say, there was a TON of amazing fabric left over in old boxes! My mom was going to keep a little bit and then send the rest to a friend, and I was like, "Mom! I want this! And this! Oh, and this too!" And that was that. Now, as you all know, I don't sew, but my dear friend Holly does and I think she is up for making me some pillow covers or something. Yessss. I am so excited. I can't get over how beautiful they all are...

Maybe a Christmas table runner out of this one?

Cute red and blue!!

LOVE the... pleats? folds? Whatever you call those...

This one is really silky. So fancy!

And the best part... the labels. 
Not sure what I will do with them, but I looove them.

Have a fantastic day! We're thinking about going to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Seattle - might be fun!


Cristin said...

Ok so are you trying to make me jealous?? jk i love them! so much fun even better when its family:)

katiehill said...

I loved thanksgiving and i LOVE these, i want the leftovers :)


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