Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Night Update.

Ok, so I told you I'd come back with more updates... I'm running behind on my projects so I don't have many pictures, but I am excited about all that is coming up! 

First things first... I went to Michael's craft store today and got a ton of dollar items - it was a 10 for 10 deal! I actually got 20 for 20...Woo-hoo! I wasn't actually planning on sharing that, but I'm so excited about it, I changed my mind.

Remember my list of things to come from when I was in California? Well, my dad finally sent me the box... full of vintage fabric from my sweet Grammy Sue! She was just giving it away and when I heard that I jumped at the chance to take some of it. I'm so excited! I don't sew (remember?) but my fabulous friend Holly does, and I'm hoping she'll let me pay her to make me pillow covers or something... we'll see (more pics to come). 

Also, I have a semi-new thing in the works... I do a lot of paintings for weddings, but I've never done vows before. Our good friends Greg and Tera got married last February, and have asked me to paint their vows for them! I'm super excited to see how that goes.

Lastly, be thinking about your art journal page numba two! We don't have a specific prompt or theme except for "self" so... be thinking about yourself, and words that represent you. The plan this week is to introduce paint to the class... so they'll probably do some abstract colors and then write words on top. Can't wait to see your pages!

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Molly Swanson said...

Hey there! I love what you're doing at the cafe! I would love to make an art journal along with y'all...I'll see what I can do...gotta get caught up!
I love the painting the vows idea! My husband and I have been talking about that since we got married (almost a year ago!) What a cool way to remember and pray through your wedding vows! I love it! Hope everything is going great!


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