Monday, November 9, 2009

Recovery Cafe Update!

The end of last week came too quickly, and I just didn't have the energy to blog. SO much happened in a very short amount of time...

Thursday morning I went to Recovery Cafe for a little coffee circle with other new volunteers. There were only 6 people - 2 staff members, 1 long time volunteer, and 3 newbies. A woman shared her story with us... a woman who came out of abuse, drugs, alcohol, prostitution... you name it, she went through it! To hear how the cafe has affected her and helped her in her healing process was so encouraging. That place is really doing something cool (and cool is such an inadequate word for what they are doing there, but you know what I mean?)! 

I went back Thursday afternoon just to spend some time getting to know people, and get a feel for what kind of art they might be into. Well, within an hour I met Wendy. Wendy currently teaches a creative writing class at the cafe, and she has taught a collage class before as well. As we talked, she got so excited about what I was hoping to do, and basically, I helped teach her new art journaling class that afternoon! Any when I say "teach" that means more like "set up" and "facilitate." There isn't really a set lesson and a front of the class where people listen in... it's totally a casual environment, non-threatening, and people come and go. I. LOVED. IT. Her plan for that day was to decorate journal covers, and from then on just decorate a page each week. I cut out a few things for my own art journal, but was too excited and distracted to put it together. I worked on it last night and this is what I came up with:

We kind of collaborated and when I told her my experience with art journaling, she liked my ideas. We decided regular paper wouldn't hold glue and paint and lots of fun mediums very well, so we're going to make a different page each week on brown paper bags! At the end of the class, we'll make front and back covers with cardboard and then bind the books ourselves. The theme: YOUR STORY. We're still working out some kinks, but overall we just want everyone who joins to know that they are in a safe place to express however they choose. We'll probably have a theme for each class, with a prompt like a song or a quote or an exerpt from a book. I'm excited to work on my own art journal too! I put together a couple of posters to hang at the cafe so people know about the class. 

Now I am in art journal MODE! Here are a few great blogs I've found while researching more about art journaling:

Amber's blog - collage art and art journals

iHanna's blog - 2009 Art Journaling year

Isabella's Blue - journaling to find serenity

Are you as excited about this as I am?? Doesn't it make you want to pull out paper and pens and paint... and start your own? I might be changing my ways for a while... just kidding. I'll just add this in! Now that this post is soooo long, I'll come back later with more. Happy Monday everyone!


Holly said...

You bet it makes me want to art journal! I'm so excited to read about these updates--and so glad it's turning into such a great experience for you! xoxo

Ashten said...

Brittany, this may seem random but I totally think you should design your own line of journals. You're so talented and I would totally buy one.

Britt@artbybritt said...

Thanks, Hol!

And I really like that idea, Ashten... I might look into it. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh man! This makes me want to get out my sketch book. It reminds me of the books we made in high school (but cooler, ha). I'm so glad the recovery cafe is able to use your many talents!

Amber said...

So glad you like my blog!


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