Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here are the notes Wendy put together for the first class session:

Art Journaling
Your Story

Week one, page one
Self Portraits
  • black sharpies  
  • brown paper bags    
  • cardboard 
  • glue 
  • scissors 
  • markers 
  • twine and ribbon 
  • paints and brushes 
  • construction paper
  • file
  • file box
  • post it notes
  • quotes typed up in different fonts
  • magazines for collage 

Points to discuss:
  • introduce selves
  • we’ll be making an art journal 
    • what is an art journal?
    • this one will have the theme of “loving your story.”
  • what are some different ways to think about what “your story” could mean?
  • each week we’ll construct one page.  We’ll introduce a new technique each week, but of course, this is art, so you are FREE to go your own way.  We’ll bring basic supplies each week.  We’ll save your page, and in the end we’ll make covers and bind the book together.
  • first page is self portrait.  We’re claiming ourselves!
    • You can choose the size of the page (all will need to be the same).
    • Here are two samples (Brittany and Wendy discuss techniques for each)
      • Look in the mirror at the shape of your face.  
      • How much of the page do you want for your actual face?  You might save room for hair, a hat, shoulders and part of a shirt.
      • If you are drawing your eyes, look at all the parts:  lids, eyelashes, pupil, cornea
    • If you don’t put your name on the page, use a post it note so we have your name on it somewhere
    • Other ideas?
  • Put scissors, glue back in containers in the middle of the table so all can find them
  • Questions?

After I posted about my first art journal page, a thought struck me... what if YOU all make an ART JOURNAL along with us?? I'll post the theme or prompt or whatever each week and then YOU can make your own pages! At the very end, whenever that may be, we'll all share! I am so excited about this idea... please tell me you are too! It can be as big or small, as plain or crazy, as whatever as you want. It's totally your thing, but our prompts can help guide you if you need it?? At least just CONSIDER it. Don't be intimidated - anyone can do this! What do you think!? 


Destiny said...

I'm definitely in! Not sure if I'll have time to do it every week, but I'll certainly try. Thanks for sharing the theme/prompt and "lesson plans"! :)

Rebecca said...

Me too! Keep us in the prompt loop. And way to go Brittany! I'm so proud of you.


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