Saturday, November 21, 2009

Change of plans.

So, class at the Recovery Cafe on Thursday gave us a little realistic idea of what to expect... basically, people will come in and out, stay a while, leave and then come back... they might not show up for a couple weeks, or... they might. Most are really uncomfortable with the idea of a specific theme they have to follow each week, and they are even more uncomfortable with the idea of learning a new technique each week...

SO. All that to say, we're making the class more of just a safe place to create whatever comes to mind! We'll still encourage everyone to make a new page each week, so at some point we can put them together as books, but for now, we just want everyone to be comfortable expressing and experimenting with that materials. With that in mind, I think I'll still try to make a page (or two... or three) each week and just tell you my inspiration? Or, you all can make whatever you want and we'll just share as we go. 

I actually made 3 pages... here is the first! During the class, I just cut out pretty things and then put them together later. Not sure what I think about collage verses paint and ink, but it's new and different, so I enjoyed that!

Like I said in the last post, last week crazy! We are moved in to our almost finished kitchen -- that was a lot of work to get back in! It looks amazing and I am so excited. Somehow all my time got away from me and I spent a lot of the week playing catch up with errands, cleaning, etc. I didn't even have a page ready when I went to class on Thursday - I've really got to plan that out better. This weekend has been fairly relaxing, which is always helpful. 

Still have lots more to update you on - stay tuned!

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