Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to life. (Back to reality)

It was so fun to be in California with the fam and in Arizona with my girls! It's always wonderful to catch up with the people I love. I wanted to share these cute stories from my trip home to California...

The morning we were flying to LA, my nephew MD arrived at my parent's house at 6am. My mom and brother explained that we were heading down to visit, and my mom prayed out loud, "Lord, keep them safe as they fly!" to which MD added, "Jesus, buckle their seat belts!" Too cute!

After we arrived my sis came over with her two kids to greet us. My youngest brother, Joey, was set to arrive home from college around the same time we did - we just got there first. When my sis, ET and little miss arrived, I ran to the door with arms WIDE open, so excited and said "Hiiiiiiiiiii!" I expected to get a huge hug and smile from ET... instead he just stared blankly at me and said "Uh, where's Uncle Joe?" HA - I'm so glad we was that happy to see me! :)

Now it's back to life in Seattle - Daniel and I are glad to be together again. The air is crisp and the fall colors are out in full force. I love it! I'm getting back into my routine today... excited to hang out at Recovery Cafe, paint, and work on the remodel this week. I cannot believe it's November! More updates to come!

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