Monday, October 19, 2009

Sketchbook Leaves and Recovery Cafe

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a fabulous weekend in the lovely Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Daniel did a great job planning. We relaxed by the fire, ate yummy Northwest food, drank wine, walked around town to look through cute little shops, looked through our wedding photos and talked about the future. What a great way to spend our first anniversary! We both are feeling a little sick, though, so we're now drinking lots of tea and trying to rest. 

This morning I was going through old sketchbooks to get ideas for the art class at Recovery Cafe, and I found this! I thought I should share since it's "fall-y." It was an exercise in one of my college classes for oil pastels - it reminded me that I love working with pastels too! I just forget sometimes that I like all art and not just painting. 

I'm super excited to brainstorm and come up with a great line up for the class! And honestly, I'm just excited to do art in a new community, and to learn something along the way. I'm heading to the Cafe this afternoon to look through supplies with Seth and see what we'll need. I'm hoping to go hang out this week too, to just get a feel for what the Cafe is like. 

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