Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recovery Cafe

As I've mentioned in recent posts, I've been feeling a bit aimless, meaningless, etc. etc. My dear friend Holly mentioned a few volunteer ideas she thought I'd like and I was immediately taken with the idea of teaching an art class at the Recovery Cafe here in Seattle. I check out their website, e-mailed their volunteer coordinator, and got an e-mail back all in a matter of one hour last Tuesday. The volunteer coordinator, Liz, invited me to the annual fundraiser and education event that happened this morning. I went, not knowing at all what to expect, and WOW am I excited! I spoke with Jamie, who had an internship there a year ago. She beamed as she talked about her experiences, the people, what to expect... I couldn't stop smiling because she couldn't stop smiling! It was amazing to hear stories of people who have gone through the Cafe classes and program, and to see how it is affecting the lives of people in Seattle and beyond. 

"The Recovery CafĂ© is a loving, supportive community serving men and women traumatized by homelessness, addiction and mental health challenges."

I talked to Seth, who led a glass project art glass at the Cafe. The work was displayed this morning and it was all beautiful! I loved getting to hear about how people just want the chance to create, express, and be heard. Many of these people feel like "outcasts" in society, so to have staff and volunteers at the Cafe become their family who loves them, accepts them, and holds them accountable all while helping them process and cope with really difficult issues is so huge. 

[photo from the Glass House Project]

In light of all this, I'm not sure where it takes me. I am super excited about what they are doing there, and I am super excited at the idea of teaching a class... learning in a class with others... but it will be a bit of a process to get everything together. I for sure want to learn more about it, and I am going to visit next week to get some ideas rolling... what do you think? Ideas for classes? What to teach? What to present as an idea to the coordinator? I'll keep you posted as to how it all goes.

(Oh, and thanks, Holly!!)


Harrell said...

OH I LOVE THIS! What an amazing opportunity to love and invest in so many who are hurting!!!
I cant wait to hear all about your opportunities to speak God's love their lives:)
What a blessing! Keep us posted!

sjc said...

Hey Britt! I love this! I have been helping out at the Harbor Church and they do kinda the same thing as this recovery cafe. God has blessed you with such a talent and it will be a joy to pass your love on to these folks through art!

love you Britt!

Molly Kate said...

I'm SO proud of you!! What an amazing thing to be in a "stuck" place and to be open to where ever the Lord might lead you! I can't wait to see what He does through you and your art!!!

Britt@artbybritt said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm pretty excited about it too. :)


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