Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little vaca update

The wedding yesterday was so great! I'm so happy for Kevin and Holly, who really have the cutest story. Holly was a beautiful bride and I was so impressed at all the little details she created to make their day unique. The best part: a photo booth! Loved it. I made this for them last week - wasn't too sure about what their plan is for home decorating, so I didn't do anything too daring or out of my painting comfort zone (but I always love personalized wedding gifts), so I hope they like it!

I'm having a great time in California, besides the fact that the cold I was trying so hard to fight came on full force after our plane ride. With a lack of sleep Thursday night (we got up at 4:30am to catch our flight) and all the travel, I think my body just couldn't take it! At the wedding yesterday everyone thought I was crying through the whole thing... nope, that was just my eyes watering from my silly cold! We had to leave early because I just needed to lay down! I couldn't believe how terrible I felt. I took a long nap and slept well last night. Kinda laying low today, working on paintings commissioned by mi madre, coffee with my cute grandparents in a bit and then BBQ with the whole fam a little later. My youngest bro was here for Friday night so it was great that we were ALL here together. And those babies... I can't get enough of my two nephews and one niece! I could just eat them up. All in all, it's been a great trip so far... and I love that I can wear tanks and sandals any time of day! Enjoying the sun while I can.

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Lindsey said...

Oh dang! I hope you can knock out that silly cold soon. Feel better! Loved the update. Have fun embracing your summer clothes and your family!


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