Monday, October 12, 2009

A little Monday update.

So sorry I was a little MIA last week! We got super busy with the remodel, and I was a part of "take your wife to work" week. Too much fun! We're at a phase where we need to crank some stuff out, so I've been helping with whatever I can, which means less time for painting... but, I will be back!

And, maybe you can help me with that! What's your favorite hymn? Or, your favorite line from a hymn (or two? or three)? I'd love to get some ideas from you all. 

Since blog posts are so much more fun to look at with pictures... here we are at the pumpkin patch! So fun and festive, and Daniel was sweet to humor me and "enjoy" it.

Lastly, if you are a little red dot on the map to the left, who are you? Sign up for a google name and follow me so we can be friends! Have a great Monday, everyone. 


Kristen Plum said...

WOW! check out all those people looking at your blog! I think I'm part of that huge dot in So Cal! <3

Britt@artbybritt said...

Thanks, Kristen - I'm so glad you are a part of that dot! :)

danielleaxtell said...

the heart of my own heart line

LOVE all your fall things :)

Britt@artbybritt said...

Ooh ooh! Good ones - thanks, love! :)


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