Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leave it.

I'm having too much fun with fall paintings - this one is kinda silly, isn't it?

We leave eaaaarly tomorrow morning for California! Yeay! A friend I've known forever is getting married on Saturday, and I wouldn't miss it[I'm so excited for you Holly!!]! Daniel is going for the weekend as well, and then he'll come back to Seattle while I hang out with the fam a couple more days. So looking forward to a little bit of sun, hugs and loves from my 3 favorite kiddos,  and chats with my sis, bros and parents. Oh, and wedding planning with my cousin! Wahoo, Tay and Matt!

From California, I'm going to Arizona to hang out with a couple of my besties next weekend... I cannot wait to hang out with some of my favorite girls ever! As you can imagine, posting might be scarce, but I will have a few things to share along the way for sure. My mom always reels me in for little painting projects when I'm at her house so, maybe being in Cali will calm my obsession with painting fall trees... then I'll have something new and different for you all. :)

Thanks again for tuning in, commenting and supporting me! I really do appreciate you "followers." And once again, if you are a mysterious red dot on my map over there [East coasters?? Midwesterners? And Switzerland too??), who are you? Click here to follow me!


shannon dawn said...

i love this tree and leaves :)

Molly Swanson said...

me too! All of your fall paintings are fantastic! The leaves aren't changing colors too much where I it was a surprise to walk past a bright yellow-orange leaf yesterday on the ground!...maybe the wind it blew over here for wherever you are!....Can't wait to see what you paint next! Everything you do would look AWESOME in our home :) have a fun trip!


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