Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am dreaming of...

A home art studio with things like this! We will be making some changes in our house once the remodel is done, and it looks like it might free up a room for me to take over! Yessss. I've been scheming about how I will set up my creative space (finally a place to make a mess and leave it!)...

Old wooden tables, fancy fabrics, yarn and shelfy (yes, shelfy) things like those in  Amy Butler's studio:

Chalkboard walls and hanging space and colors like Elsie's studio:


Messes that can be left, like Sabrina Ward Harrison's studio:

Extra storage and shelving maybe like this from Ikea:
EXPEDIT Bookcase

A huge wall mounted easel instead of the flimsy metal one I avoid using now:


Scrapbook and craft supplies like paper, ribbon, 
and vintage buttons in jars:




Sigh. Wouldn't all that be lovely? Who knows how realistic it all is... and I really don't mind my little corner on the floor in our office... but more space to move would be fab. I'll let you know how it goes.

Also, does anyone know what the copyright deal is for me to use these pictures? I'm not selling anything, or using the images for money, but I usually try to avoid using other people's photos all together... I just can't take my own photos of items (and dreams) I don't actually have. Pleas tell me if I am breaking some law or ettiquete or whatever!

As always, I love hearing from you! Post a link to something creative you've done lately! Happy Thursday!


Holly said...

Ahh! These studios are beautiful. Another couple you would love are and Yum.

Also...the deal with pictures is you have to credit the source. I think that blogging is considered personal use, so you don't need to get permission (usually), but you are supposed to provide the link to the original. But let's be honest, that doesn't always happen. :)

Britt@artbybritt said...

Thanks, Hol!


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