Monday, October 5, 2009

For Miss R's 3rd Grade Classroom

My friend Erin commissioned this piece for her 3rd grade classroom. I was excited to work with a little bit "younger" font than I normally use, and was challenged by using the school colors... red, white a blue... you have to be really careful with that combo so things don't look too patriotic when you don't intend for them to! I think it turned out pretty cute. Hope those cute kids like it!

How are you all? We've been super busy with our remodel, so I've been having a hard time posting consistently... I have a new series in the works, plus some "just for fun posts," so hopefully I'll get better about posting everyday!


Harrell said...

doesnt look patriotic at all:) Its cute!

Lindsey said...

Hi Britt!

Love it. So cute. You are doing good work. :) Erin's classroom will be so lucky to be decorated with your art. I am enjoying reading all your updates on your life and art.

funny sidenote: In AK, your blog was one of the few things that I could actually load on a regular basis. Not that I could comment, but I stayed updated! It was comforting especially when I couldn't load anything else...Dang, remote location internet. haha The remodel looks like it is coming together soooo nicely! yay!

Miss you guys! Hopefully we can reconnect soon now that I am back in the lower 48. Thats much closer to you!


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