Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Boy, I am into the fall season! 
I went to work on some hymns yesterday 
and just couldn't resist working on some fall trees. 
This one is a cute little 6x8 canvas! I love it. 


Molly Swanson said...

I LOVE this one Brit!!! wow. Speaks to my heart and makes me smile! Fall has been huge for me this year and I've felt the Lord changing me like the fall colors change....His pursuit of my heart is SO incredible! I see that in your painting.
Do you ever sell paintings or would be interested in an "art trade"? I'd love to hang one of your beautiful paintings in our apt! happy tuesday! Thanks for sharing!

katiehill said...

Britt i LOVE this one. If i had a significant other i would buy it for him....sooo keep up the inspiration till that happens :)

Harrell said...

looks like your fallin for fall:) LOVE IT!


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