Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who ARE you?

I found this cool map to put on my blog to see who is looking... and I'm shocked to find that there are exciting little red dots ALL OVER the map!! Who are you people?? Why don't I know you? If you've never commented or followed or anything like that, I really want to know who you are and what you think about my work. Don't be shy - say hello! 

world map
 distance in which individuals are clustered
Dot sizes:    = 1,000+    = 100 - 999    = 10 - 99    = 1 - 9

Today is a super busy day, but I do have new work I will share with you later this week. Have a great Wednesday!


anng said...

Hey Britt! Cool map? Where did you find it. I think that'd be fun for my site to see who is following me since I'm gathering readers from my trip. :) I do also want to buy something from you - sorry things got crazy and I never got a chance to meet up with you before I left. I'll get in touch in early January when I'm back - since I'm sure things will be busy at the end of December. :)

anng said...

Oh and also, I just realized that I was looking at your page when I was in Denmark and now in Germany, so I might be those people - but I haven't been to Italy yet so that's not me! :)

Just a thought... said...

Ok, and now I need to know about the map thing too. Gosh you are getting way blogger-edgy! Fill me in when you have a minute.

danielleaxtell said...

This is sweet. I wish you could just see everyone who is looking at your page. I'm SO fascinated by the blogging world :)

Britt@artbybritt said...

Ann! I'm excited that you want to get something -- and I really want to hear everything when you get back!! We'll catch up for sure.

Jodi! Just click on the title to the map post and it will take you to the Cluster Maps home page! You'll have to create a name and password and then paste the map into your layout. Let me know if you need help! And, I don't feel to blogger edgy, but thanks for the compliment! :)

Danielle - seriously! I'm with ya.


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