Monday, September 28, 2009

Until Shiloh Comes.

My friends Stephen and Lisa commissioned me a while ago to paint this scripture for them. They did not want to reference (Genesis 49:10 for you curious ones) included, so that the piece could be one to spark curiosity and conversation. I'd say that this verse will accomplish that! I wasn't even sure what it meant when I first read it, but when I asked Stephen about it, he said it is the clearest Old Testament Messianic text (basically, it's the verse that most clearly predicts the empire of David and the greater kingdom of Christ through the line of David, and it sets the tone for the coming of the Messiah... any theologians want to further explain??). I sometimes feel inadequate painting something I don't thoroughly understand, but it sure sparks some study and conversations I wouldn't otherwise have. I enjoyed making this piece for them, and I am looking forward to more pieces like this in the future. 

Enjoy your Monday, my friends! Don't be shy to say hello if you are one of those many unknown red dots on the map!!

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