Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer Recap

Hi friends,

I feel reflective this morning. While the forecast says it's going to be a warm weekend, I'm feeling pretty ready for fall. Cozy scarves and sweaters, orange leaves crunching under my feet, fires in the fireplace, steamy mugs of coffee (ok, who am I kidding - steamy mugs of coffee is a year around thing!)... I was thinking about the summer and all the happenings, and then of course, all the work I did...

I know we are not to boast, but I have to admit, I'm excited about the art I did and the ways I've grown in the last few months! It's exciting to have a few more people "following" me, which, in a small way, feels like I have more support. Thanks for stopping by, reading, seeing, encouraging (ahem, buying) and just plain ol' being a great crowd! I really appreciate all of you as you help me figure out the whole "being and artist" deal. I've enjoyed looking back...

The one about breakfast:
The one I need to remember:
The one inspired by my love:
The one my sister loves:
The one of Esther's lamp:
The one with Grandma's chair:
The one from a photo:
The one that is so true:
The one I'm so thankful for:
The one everyone needs to hear:
The one that came from a poem:
The one where I don't sew:
The one I got stuck on:
The one that turned out differently
than I expected, but I liked it:
The one with all the pirates:
The one inspired by hymns:
The other one inspired by hymns:
The one about love:
The one with the dried palatte paint:
The one where sometimes we do forget:
The one that cemented a friendship over 3,000 miles:
The one with the reminder about our lives:
The one where my cousin got married:

So now as we move into fall, I'm even more excited about the projects to come! More everyday objects, texts, wedding paintings, trees, baby's room paintings, and even a whole commissioned room of work! Thanks again my friends - looking forward to walking through it with all of you.

P.S. After all these months of blogging, I JUST found the button that creates links to other pages... I feel like such a dork!


Molly Kate said...

I love your paintings!!! Especially the two coffee cup ones! beautiful! Do you sell your paintings? Or do you ever make art trades? I'm inspired! Thanks for visiting my blog! You rock!

Britt said...

Hi Molly Kate! So glad you like my work. I do sell my work - but I've never done an art trade before. I'm interested - tell me more!

Nicole Wenger said...

Britt I LOVE all of them. Great job

Just a thought... said...

Can you just send them all to So Cal? Love them all!

And help me with the button that links to other pages??? I think I need that.

Anonymous said...

Britty you know Mom & I don't post, but we follow you like no other. We are blessed beyond measure to have you and know you.
Luke 16:11 Dad

Britt@artbybritt said...

Thanks, guys!

Jodi - if you have the new editing system on blogger, it says "link" on the tool bar. If you have the older editing system, it looks like a little loopy chain thing on the tool bar near the spell check! Let me know if you can't find it. :)


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