Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gary and Lindsay

Remember this?

Well, now I can reveal the entire piece! While we were out of the country, our friends Gary and Lindsay got hitched! I was so sad to miss their wedding. A few months back, one of our mutual friends, Raoul, told me about the gift he was planning for them: He wrote them a book of poems! He asked if we could collaborate, and if I would make a piece for them with a line from one of his poems. I was planning on painting something for them anyway, so I thought, how much more fun to work on something along with other friends too! Raoul gave me the poem, the line he wanted, and a general idea of what he pictured. I went for it, and this is the result:

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, and my favorite part is their initials carved in the tree on the side (awww).

Here is the complete poem:

Let love live in the light of day

And the sun will surely show an

Ever-living, mingling display

Of a Son, a man, and woman

How they’ll watch his steps and ne’er stray

Rising, being their leader’s plan

To forgive as they’re forgiven

Let love lighten the darkest sin

Let Love Live by Raoul Perez

Congrats Gary and Lindsay!


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