Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Things I Love:

1. Coffee with my husband in the morning.

2. Meeting a new art friend!

3. Details at weddings

4. Fall leaves

5. This city
(photo by Nathan Golden)

This post was inspired by her who was inspired by her. 


Just a thought... said...

Hey britt, can you teach me how to turn a word into a link like when you typed "her".

Molly Kate said...

Britt! I am SO blessed to have you as a few friend too! Thank you so much! I was just putting one of your paintings on my blog this morning and when I went to yours to get the link, I saw your sweet post! thanks again, happy wednesday!!!

Britt@artbybritt said...

Jodi! I posted instructions on "Summer Recap." I'll post them on your most recent blog post also.

Molly Kate! This is too much fun! I'm so glad we're on the same "art/blog/friend" page. :)


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