Monday, August 17, 2009

Shameless plug.

I'm so glad I have 9 faithful followers of this blog... BUT I have had others confess that they read too! This is a shout out to you all who are secretly following my blog and I don't know it:

Please follow publicly, comment,
question, interact, and spread the word
(this means YOU, Katie)!

If you have a gmail account you can use that, or I think you can just make one up slash use whatever account name you have in order to be in the blog world. I want to know you - don't be shy!


katiehill said...

first-i an honored to be mentioned in your blog.
second-here i am!!! an official follower :)
third-i LOVE your pirate sketches. if i ever have a little boy you are invited over to paint a mural or two in his room.

Britt said...

Yesssssss! it worked. :)

Spooneymom said...

OK OK I will confess...I LOVE your blog :)...the pirate drawings are COOL too -- I would also buy your childrens books ;).

Britt said...

Is this Amy? I'm glad you like my blog!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brittany... I've been reading every now and then too. I love your art!
-Janelle (semi-roommate 2004) :o)

Britt said...

Hi Janelle! Thanks for tuning in. :)


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