Thursday, August 20, 2009

Creative Minds! I Need You!

I am stuck. I've literally been working on this painting for my friends, Travis and Tiffany, for months! They wanted a 12x12, red and orange tree painting with Psalm 34:5 woven in. Simple enough, right? Wrong. I've worked and worked, and still feel like it's just not quite popping like it should! I even painted a completely different piece to try and get something, anything cool... Nada. I'm kinda thinking it's because reds and oranges and browns are too similar... but I know that can't be an excuse.

Anyways, you're all creative in one way or another. And you are other eyes - that's what I need! Thoughts? Suggestions? Any new ideas to make this piece really super great? I'm open to anything!


sjc said...

I really like the tones of yellow,maybe just deepen that color out more so it gives it depth, or maybe even use a silver agains the reds and browns.... miss you Britt! I would love to have a phone date soon, there is so much great news to chat about!

Just a thought... said... asked...the verse talks about radiant faces, so I would have a child sitting against one of the trees looking up with a radiant face. I know it's not your usual style to have people in amongst your trees, but that is what I see when I read the verse. Or standing from the back with head tilted back, face up...just a thought

Britt said...

Thanks for the ideas, ladies! I might just try them out. I'll have to chat with my friends who are buying it first, but they may be up for something like that!


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