Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheesy Trip Project.

Let's be honest.

Sewing: Not a skill that I possess.

You know where this is going... right?

So, I think I've mentioned before that we are leaving for our trip to Greece and Israel with our church tomorrow. Pretty exciting (except I get travel anxiety, so I've been super anxious and weepy - so silly). The trip is organized by Ultimate Journeys, a Seattle based travel company. They seem to have everything under control, and I guess to be nice gave us these little gems:

There are about 300 people going. 300 people with black and grey "Ultimate Journeys" travel bags. Doesn't seem like it would be too easy to find ours in that sea of black and grey. SO. I embarked on a "maybe I can just sew some things on them to make them different." Sew... Some things. I don't sew. And "some things" doesn't sound promising either. But for some reason I was pretty set on it. I went yesterday to get some fabric and fabric glue and other "things."Cut out some fabric. Glue it on. "Sew" some little doo-dads, and Ta-da:

New and improved travel bags. Kinda Cheesy. I asked Daniel what he wanted on his. His request was camo, which was 14.99 a yard - way too much for an experimental project. So green and plaid would have to do. Then I asked if I should write our names on them... decided, "Why don't I just SEW our initials?" I don't sew. But, I tried. And, he wanted the initial parts of our bags to match. Um, how CUTE is that?! I just love that man.

Ok, so... Final thoughts: We could have just used other bags that we have in order to find them in that sea of black and grey. But I worked hard on these cheesy little bags, and Daniel is proud of me, so we are going to ROCK these bags from Seattle to Greece to Israel and BACK. You better believe it (HA!).

Moral of the story and one you may need to remind me of again some day: I do not sew.


Harrell said...

they look awesome! Well done! I did that everytime we took kids to wildwood, they always sent us bags that looked the we would sew, spray paint etc... Its always fun.
Hope you have an amazing trip. I am truly jealous!

Britt said...

Thanks, Cristin! Appreciate the encouragement. :)

Nicole Wenger said...

i love them, they are perfect and so you and dan. but the green one does look alittle bit like a thong?

Ashlyn Carter said...

Wow! So inventive and adorable! :)Have a blast!

Britt said...

Haha - I totally see how it looks like underwear now! Whoops! They were triangle shaped bags...


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