Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heading out of town.

Well, we're on our way eaaaarly tomorrow to Grand Lake, Colorado! I've been there almost every summer since I can remember, and I'm so excited to be there again. My whole fam will be there, plus a whole lot more great peeps for my cousin's wedding! So excited for her. It will be one great huge reunion of people I love! I am ready for sun, SeaDoos, walks into town, playing with my nephews and niece, afternoon rainstorms, journaling and quality time with my siblings and parents. It's all much needed. Grand Lake is a place I feel like I can just breathe and be. I'm looking forward to that - but only after the wedding weekend craziness, which will be so much fun as well!

When we return to Seattle, the remodel will be in full swing! We have a friend who is also Daniel's employee who will be doing some demo, putting plastic over all the furniture and doors...prepping things... I'm not even sure... but I'm pretty sure we'll come home next week to a huge mess! I'm excited! I will keep you posted on how that goes.

I'm also looking forward to working on some projects for a few friends of mine when we get back... trees for Travis and Tiff, reminders for Josh, and some kindling for Chloe! I'll keep you in the loop! Not sure about the internet connection while we're in the mountains - I'll post if I can, but otherwise you'll hear from me in a couple weeks.


Just a thought... said...

Have a great time!

Nicole Wenger said...

umm... did you notice that you used the word peeps? elton would be wondering " what the heck"


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