Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Embarking on the remodel!

Today I enjoyed some quiet time in the morning with my huge mug of coffee (always with just a smidge of non-fat milk), welcomed my hubs home from his long morning bike ride, began to sweat at 10am (it's been almost 100 degrees or something alllll day!), and cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. That was all before noon. After lunch, we packed said kitchen up (plus the dining room) and moved all of our belongings into our new "makeshift" kitchen...
our living room!


MAKESHIFT KITCHEN in the living room


We are now officially remodeling! I've been waiting and waiting (quite impatiently I might add) to get going on this "little" project, and then, after all was said and done this afternoon... I cried. I don't do well with change - so I looked at my little kitchen, all empty and sad, and shed a few (ok, quite a few) tears for those old sticky tiles, ever dirty grout, nasty linoleum floors, and chipping, yellowed cabinets. I am so excited for the new changes, but I always forget how sentimental I am and how I just love things to stay the same! My poor husband just lets me cry even though I am telling him how silly it is that I actually am crying over this! He's so sweet.

And now that I've added this more personal post, I can't even think of how to incorporate it into Art By Britt... but I'm sure we'll get some darn good art work out of this whole thing (ideas seem to come when I'm experiencing change or any intense emotion...), so stay tuned!


Just a thought... said...

Have you not been paying attention? Do not invite the "bark" (embarking) into your kitchen remodel. This leads to all sorts of hysteria! So excited to be redoing together, seperately!

ashlyn carter said...

how very exciting!


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