Monday, June 29, 2009

Just some thoughts.

Obviously, I've been working on some new things. I have really been in painting mode for a while, and I'm super excited about the reactions I am getting to the new work. I've come across some other artists and other ideas for art, and I can't help but think I may never find my "style" because there is constantly something new to try. I really would love to be good at pencil drawings (I'm not) and I would love to be good at multi-media pieces (I've tried) and I really actually do not want to be good at any design that needs to be done on a computer (probably because I really just can't).

It's so hard to make a living as an artist, to "get your name out there" and have a following... I am wondering how in the world I can produce more work, and more clients, and still enjoy the creative process. I'm wondering how I can do all that plus have a life that is filled with friends, family, moving, remodeling, volunteering, etc... just some things I've been thinking about.

Any thoughts on this? How does anyone find time to do so many things and keep it all in order? How do we ever know what we're really suppose to be doing and how to get others involved in that process? And, I always appreciate feedback on my work -- what is your favorite style and why? Anything I've done that I should continue doing?


Harrell said...

This collection is so much Fun! I love every piece and could totally see it in my future home:) (I live with my parents) MAYBE SOMEDAY:) You are doing beautiful work! I also love artists who are inspired by Gods word! I have always wanted scripture written all over our home!

Britt said...

Thanks! That's all so good to know - and maybe someday we can get you something for your home too! :)

Spooneymom said...

Hi Brittany! I love love love your tree pieces. This collection is amazing too. I love how you can take things we see every day, even if it is a color or a group of colors, and put God's word on it and in it and make it speak to one's soul. It is amazing and...all of your work does it and I believe that is your style. :) You are a very gifted artist! :)-Amy


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