Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Art Auction Wrap-up

After a wonderful weekend getaway for my husband's birthday, I was able to attend the art auction on Saturday evening for a little bit with some friends (well, a wonderful old friend, and a couple of random new friends...). The group that put it all together did a fabulous job. Each donated art piece was thoughtfully placed in the room and I felt like the overall display was pleasing to the eye. They also displayed posters with personal stories of human trafficking around the room to remind us why we were there and what we were supporting by being there. It was very effective, and just as interesting (if not more) to read those stories as it was to look at the artwork. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this great cause... and, my work sold, which is also very exciting!


joshwall said...

How does an art auction help stop human trafficking? I've never quite understood that principle. Is it just in raising money for agencies working in that field?

Regardless of the how, it's cool that it went so well. How many pieces did you sell?

Brittany said...

Yep - they raised money for WARN (see the previous post for info about it).

I just donated one piece, but I don't know how many they sold all together.

danielleaxtell said...

You're amazing :) Love your stuff, as always!!


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