Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thoughts on sales.

So, the whole point of this blog is to "advertise" myself and get the word out about my work. Any sales I've had have come from word of mouth by friends and family, or by the actual shows I've had hung around Seattle.

I'm contemplating signing up for an online "store" such as or something along those lines. Has anyone had experience with anything like that before? Should I keep selling my art only in person, or should I branch out? Any thoughts on how it might help or hinder?

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danielleaxtell said...

You could definitely do etsy, the only thing is there are a million people and you want a way to stand out. You can do your own website and do sales through paypal too. That's what I'm working on for babymaecouture. Actually, I should say what Ryan's working on since I am so horrible at webdesign. But do it! It would be awesome :)


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