Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Undivided Heart

Edit: NIGHTline

Apparently, the Nightline interview was moved from Wednesday night to Friday night. I just found out this morning, so I missed it! But, I'm sure it will be online, so I'll try to find it and post it. In the meantime, here are photos of the art actually hung up at the Ballard campus:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, as I mentioned before, my art is back up at the Ballard Campus, in the Visitor Center. Well, today I was told that our Pastor, Mark Driscoll, was interviewed by Dateline this last Sunday... in the room where my art is. The interview is on Dateline tonight at 11:30pm, and my art just might be on it as well. It very well could have been the backdrop, or it could have been completely out of the picture...But either way, it's an exciting possibility! Just wanted to let ya'll know so you could check it out!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thoughts on sales.

So, the whole point of this blog is to "advertise" myself and get the word out about my work. Any sales I've had have come from word of mouth by friends and family, or by the actual shows I've had hung around Seattle.

I'm contemplating signing up for an online "store" such as or something along those lines. Has anyone had experience with anything like that before? Should I keep selling my art only in person, or should I branch out? Any thoughts on how it might help or hinder?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Random New "Show"

Some of my tree series that was up at Q Cafe and a couple of the huge pieces that were up at Mars Hill Church in Ballard are now (back) at the Mars Hill Church Ballard Campus. The leaders at Ballard decided to create a visitor's center in the Frelard Room (near the family entrance/Office Max end of the building)... they needed some brightly colored pieces for the huge walls in there, and thought of me! I'm excited to help them out, as it also helps me out by giving me more exposure. I'm not sure how long it will be up, but go by sometime and check it out -- the building is open Monday-Thursday 9-5 as well as all day Sunday and some Wednesday evenings.

For what we proclaim is not ourselves

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coming soon...

"Therefore pride is their necklace;
violence covers them as a garment."
Psalm 73:6


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