Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our turn to be Mr. and Mrs...

Mars Hill Church

In January of 2008, I started volunteering at my church (http://www.marshillchurch.org/) part time. Through meeting people there and conversations that began, I had the opportunity to hang some of my work in the lobby of the largest campus. I was also asked to create some new pieces that went along with the sermon series at that time entitled "Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe(http://www.marshillchurch.org/media/doctrine)." I was able to use some pre-exisiting work, as well as take some passages and themes that the Ballard campus pastor gave me to create new pieces. This was a huge opportunity to "get my name out there," as the church has about 6,000 people each week. This set of work was up at the MH Ballard campus from January to June, then it moved to the MH Lake City campus from June to October, and now it is currently up at the MH West Seattle campus. It might make the rounds to the other campuses - but we'll see!

The 3 pieces directly below are 4x5 feet each. The rest shown are either 2x3 or 3x3.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tiffany and Travis

Jemma and Daniel

Dustin and Holly

Blackbird Singing

Whatever is True

Jessica and Travis

Tim and Emily

Nicole and Branden

A Friend Loves at All Times.

Allison and Beau

Shawnda and Brandan

Danielle and Ryan

In June 2007, 2 of my best friends got married. I wanted to give them a unique wedding gift, and decided I'd like to paint something for them. This began my love of giving personalized pieces as wedding gifts!

2nd and 3rd

In the winter of 2007 I did some child care for a mom's group at Quest Church. Quest Church met in the Q Cafe(http://www.qcafe.org/) at that time. Q Cafe is a coffee shop that supports the arts. I was able to make a connection and have a show. The work was up March to May of 2007. Most of the work was inspired by one day I had at Golden Gardens with my then boyfriend Daniel - it started my love of trees with text!

My second show was in the University of Washington Medical Center Diabetes Care Center from October 2006 to June 2007. The worked stayed up a very long time, and during that time, I changed my style a lot.


I'll start from the beginning... that is, the beginning, after I graduated college and started "trying to be an artist." I mean, I've been an artist my whole life. I used to draw pictures on the bulletins at church, instead of listening to the sermons. I used to draw on my class work in school and get in trouble because the paper didn't look neat and clean enough. I took 4 years of AP art with Mrs. Patti Post - my favorite teacher of all time, and the person who inspired me to pursue art more seriously. Art has been a part of my life for a long time... sometimes, not too consistently, and sometimes, all day every day.

Anyways, after I graduated college I didn't know what to do with myself and I thought, "I live in Seattle - a place that supports and encourages the arts... why not try getting some shows up?" Little did I know that it is difficult to find places that are ready and willing to put art work up right away -- there are a LOT of artists in Seattle! I spent the entire summer trying to figure out my painting style as well as trying to find places that had empty wall space. I finally found a small space in Magnolia at the [then] Glow Studio, a day spa of sorts. This work was up September to November of 2006. I had an opening, and sold more than half of what was for sale... for definitely too little. After that show, people told me to raise my prices, so that was the next detail to figure out in the adventure of figuring out how to be a real live artist...

Photos by Luke Rutan (http://www.lukerutan.com/)


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